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What Really Causes You Stress?

What really causes you

It is a common belief that external stressful situations and/or other people cause us stress, but if this were true, wouldn’t everybody who was exposed to the same particular unwanted event be affected in the same way?

The reality is, that it’s our beliefs that trigger our stress.

Every thought, every decision and every action we ever take is first filtered through our own personal belief system.
This belief system is a collection of information, made up throughout our lifetime by experiences, opinions and values, and this shapes how we view the world.

Each individual has their own perception of a stressful event, based on their own belief system, so we can see that it is not the experience that causes stress, but the way we think of it that does.
But how do we change our perception of the stressful event, if all we have ever known is through our belief system?

There are two important concepts which need to be understood and then applied to life in order to start the journey of working our way out of stress.

Firstly, we must change the way we are viewing the unwanted life experience.

Secondly, we must accept that the experience has occurred and that it cannot be changed or erased.

It is important to note that it is not easy to change the way we think or accept the unwanted life experiences, it is actually quite difficult at first, but if we want a different result, we must apply a different way of thinking.
By applying the strategies taught in The Fountainhead Method™, we can start to view these unwanted life experiences and stressful events in a new light and with practice we can apply this new way of thinking to all aspects of life and it can become easy.

And who doesn’t want a stress-less life?

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