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My Experience at Fountainhead (September 13-19 2013)

I would like to formally express my gratitude to all the staff and life coaches at the Fountainhead Retreat.

The time I spent at fountainhead (7 days Beat the Blues) is by far the most powerful, eye opening (and confronting at times) experience I have ever encountered.

I have learnt life long valuable lessons and the experience has completely changed my outlook on life, how I view and experience others and most importantly, how I view myself and the life experiences yet to come my way.

I know longer view my past/present life experiences with the “Shoulda Coulda” and “I am worthless” lenses – and have mentally forgiven some key people in my life who I never thought I would forgive (prior to me coming to Fountainhead). I now understand the thinking behind ones behaviour and understand their actions/words have nothing to do with me – it is their core belief.

I now understand and fully believe that my self worth is not governed or attached to anything,  or anyone (which was a massive part of me doing depression and anxiety prior to Fountainhead).

Whilst all the staff were wonderful, I would specifically like to make mention of Jayden (who ran the weekend intensive workshop) and my wonderful life coach Kerri – who really opened up my eyes and performed the most amazing journey therapy with me – which finally has allowed me to heal after my divorce. One of Kerri’s “homework” for me is for me to say I am 100% worthy every time I see an Avocado – I now have a framed picture of some avocados on my desk as a reminder of my time with KerriJ

I would also like to mention Bridget – whom, whilst I didn’t have any “one on one” with her, I attended her Yoga classes and was so inspired by her energy and glowing radiance.

Since leaving the safe bubble like haven at Fountainhead and returning back to “reality”, I have embarked on the raw food movement, I have signed up for Yoga and also joined a holistic style gym today to keep up my fitness as I now understand the importance of the Mind/Body connection. I also engage in “upgrades” almost daily and continue to use my appreciation & journal writing skills.

Once again, thank you to all staff at Fountainhead and the guests (Phil, Kat, Kerri & Ed) at Platypus lodge for making my time at Fountainhead life changing. Oh, I also failed to mention Dom (Trainer) who was a breath of fresh air and legitimately cares about the guests he works with (both with one on one training & even group training sessions).

I’m looking forward to the rest of my Journey!

Kind regards,

Tracey Reynolds
25 September 2013

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