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Program Solutions

Our Programs Provide Solutions for:

Please note: that The Fountainhead Retreat is now named Palladium Private.


Our programs are individually designed to treat people suffering from stress, depression, anxiety, eating issues, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, C-PTSD and drug and/or alcohol dependency.

If you or a loved one are struggling with the normal functions of life or if you are feeling detached from family and friends, we will customize a program to teach you new strategies to combat the condition, to eradicate old habits and replace them with new effective and sustainable habits. We will apply evidence based proven techniques delivered by qualified and experienced therapists within a nurturing retreat environment free from your current daily triggers.

Program Summary

The duration of the program can vary from one to four weeks depending on the severity of the depression or anxiety, together with the prevalence of drugs and/or alcohol. We routinely turn down clients who do not fit our program criteria or who are unwilling to spend the time required to give themselves every chance of permanent change.

Our holistic programs include one-on-one psychotherapy as well as group based personal development and team building activities. Therapeutic modalities include (but are not limited to) CBT, ACT, EFT, EMDR, Gestalt, NLP, Neuropsychotherapy, Sensory Motor Therapy, Mindfulness, Motivational Interviewing, Schema Therapy, Process Topic Group Workshops, Family Constellation Workshops.

We also integrate personal training sessions and group mindfulness into the holistic therapy programs and educate you about the significance of the mind-body connection. We show you how nutrition and physical activity can help improve a person’s mindset and mood.

Program Inclusions:

  • All Accommodation includes your own private bedroom with options for en-suite, your own cabin or twin share cabins.
  • Return flights and transfers to the Retreat, from major cities in Australia
  • All meals, drinks and snacks provided for breakfast, lunch and dinner, prepared with seasonally organic ingredients where possible.

Core and Selective modules included in the Programs are all based on evidence based therapies:

  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy
  • Acceptance and Forgiveness Therapy (ACT)
  • Mindfulness and Yoga – one on one and small group sessions
  • Personal Development and Communication skills and techniques
  • Art therapy
  • Family Constellations Workshops
    • Reveal hidden dynamics within a family
    • Opportunity to look deeply into these complexities of your family origin/current family
    • Family Constellation Workshop is held every two weeks
    • Option to invite one or two family members

The body modules included in the Programs are:

  • Remedial and Restorative Massages
  • Personal Training one-on one: Initial Assessment and Sessions.
  • Group training
  • Detox box
  • Food school

The Program also includes Aftercare support:

  • Qualified psychotherapist sessions continue via phone for up to 3 months after you have left the residential part of your program to go over what you have learnt and make sure you are applying it for maximum effect once you return home. This solidifies your new thinking patterns and supports them whilst they become a permanent neural network in the brain so that you become more and more competent dealing with stress and emotion.

Online Aftercare Series for Clients:

To assist in making your new thinking patterns permanent, we have put together an online aftercare series that is delivered direct to your inbox.

The series will keep you accountable and offers consistent, valuable content that is gradually sent through over a 6 month period.

The series includes the following:

  • Podcasts for guests that include content such as Maintaining Feeling Good, Motivation, Letting Go, Relapsing, Goal Setting and much more.
  • Podcasts for support teams that include content such as How to Support After a Retreat Stay, How to Support When Things Get Bumpy, etc.
  • Mindfulness Sits which include guided meditations, breath work, visulisation and more.
  • Yoga Practices
  • Gym Sessions
  • Recipes and Nutritional Blog Posts

The Retreat

As well as the education modules, you will have the opportunity to relax in our tranquil surroundings and receive all-inclusive massages and spa treatments. You can exercise in our 25-metre lap pool or take a soothing dip in our heated spring water magnesium pool at our health retreat on the Sunshine Coast. Feel free to walk the grounds, feed the geese by the water, pick fruit from the orchard or just soak up the sunshine.

Our Staff

Throughout your program, our dedicated Health Retreat Staff will nurture and support your recovery to give you every chance of success. They check in with you daily for any issues or questions yu may have.  They have come to Palladium Private (formerly The Fountainhead Retreat) from many walks of life and many have overcome their own hurdles and struggles with mental health.

Your Commitment

Timely help can make a huge difference and our health and wellness programs have been designed for maximum results. For the best chance of lasting change, our clients must commit to the full duration of the recommended program and be 100% ready to make a permanent change in their lives

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