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About Us

What is The Fountainhead Health Retreat?

At Fountainhead, we provide tailored, evidence-based programs to treat mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse and PTSD.  Our approach is holistic and involves Bio (nutrition, exercise, and rest), Psycho (mind) and Social (integration) components, delivered to the client through a mix of one-on-one therapies and group workshops.

Palladium Private (formerly known as Fountainhead Health Retreat) delivers customised, multi-modality, residential-stay programs undertaken at our tranquil retreat in the Sunshine Coast hinterlands. The balance of the program then continues once the client returns home.  The residential portion of the program allows the client to unravel free from all the triggers of their environment and daily life as well as allows for Fountainhead staff to work intensively on the client, which with commitment from the client, will result in a new mindset and a new path to a quality life.

A Brief History of The Fountainhead Retreat (now named Palladium Private)

The Fountainhead Retreat first opened its doors in February 2002 as a traditional health retreat, with the focus being on natural health and wellness treatments and programs. The retreat location was carefully selected and has been developed over time with ecological and sustainability principles adhered to. The site has site sourced water via six underground springs on the property.

Between 2002 and 2006, many different Nutritionists and Holistic Health Care Specialists flew to our expansive retreat from all over Australia and the world to teach mind-body connections and deliver self-esteem lectures. What became evident through these professional dialogues was that stress was the predominant contributing factor. From 2006 to 2009, further work was undertaken into what was being taught during the seminars and therapy sessions and how the clients were learning. Parts of Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Rational Emotional Behavior Therapy were combined with Journey Therapy and Mindfulness, with input from lecturers, clients, and staff members.  From 2010 to 2015 this was delivered in a systemized and easily digested method which allowed for clients to apply during and after their residential stay. In 2016, the addition of further skilled and qualified staff has allowed for the programs to be customized to each client due to a wider range of psychological tools and techniques.

The Future of The Fountainhead Retreat and its Role in Natural Stress, Depression and Anxiety Treatments

Our programs have been further refined, with the focus on delivery and effectiveness for the client. Since 2014 and the introduction of the DASS21, a psychology industry standard in scaling a client’s state of their mental being, The Fountainhead Retreat has incorporated the standard as a supplementary tool to enhance the effectiveness of its natural mental health treatment programs.

Today, with new owners at the helm and a new name – Palladium Private has 30+ staff and growing, who come from diverse professional backgrounds including Mental Health Counselling, Holistic Wellbeing and Psychotherapy modalities.  All staff adhere to Palladium Private’s natural approach to healing depression, anxiety, addiction and trauma.  Paladium Private is committed to the on-going development and improvement of our addiction, PTSD, anxiety and depression treatment programs and the affect they have on people’s lives.

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