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Eating Problems and Body Image Issues

Eating Problems and Body Image Issues – Holistic Therapy Solutions

The Fountainhead Retreat’s approach to eating problems and body image issues differs to traditional methods and treatments, some of which you may have tried before. We focus on the underlying stress causing the problem, not calorie intake, with our holistic therapy approach.

How The Fountainhead Retreat can alleviate your eating issues

Through using evidence based approaches, our qualified therapists unravel the mindset that is triggering you and causing the eating problem or body image issue, we then work on the mind-body connection.

We never force or control our clients to do anything, rather we nurture and educate – that is why Fountainhead Retreat is so uniquely different and why our holistic therapy has results which are long lasting.

Holistic solutions for eating issues

Our qualified therapists and experienced retreat staff work with you day by day, to address your core issues in a custom-made program for eating problems and body image issues. Complementing your program, we combine with a highly nutritious diet, gentle exercise, and relaxation therapies such as regular massage, rainforest walks and time to relax in either the warm mineral pool or the lap pool, all to help the body and mind heal.

Being a certified organic farm, we have a healthy approach to food and teach the understanding of the need for food for energy – therefore, the nutritional aspect delivered with this program is highlighted. We take the time to work holistically with you, surrounded by a passionate and nurturing support group in an environment of stunning nature, a truly life changing experience.

Why a Program at Fountainhead Retreat?

Clients suffering from eating issues and body images issues attend these programs to get help when needing a holistic solution, often after trying mainstream channels and feeling another solution for eating problems and body image issues must be out there.

Our solution has three major components:

  • The program uses only qualified and experienced Psychotherapists who apply evidence based tools and techniques to work on the mind to change unwanted behaviours; REBT, CBT, ACT, Mind Mapping etc. A period of psychotherapy is continued after the residential program.
  • Facilitated communication groups and workshops that help a Client prepare for the future. Some of the topics covered are; emotions, self-acceptance, self-worth, social connection, acceptance of others and assertiveness. Facilitated on-line webinars (every 2-3 weeks) are continued after the residential program for 6 months, to help reinforce residential learning.
  • A variety of holistic stress reduction and positive mood therapies; mindfulness, yoga, personal training, massage, art therapy, cooking classes, team building and social integration.

Our Staff

Within our peaceful and relaxing surroundings, we work with you, day by day, teaching you how to initiate a new way of thinking as your support group. This approach is accompanied by nutritious seasonally organic meals cooked by our passionate chefs, and body work facilitated by our professional personal trainers and massage therapists.

Our Programs

We are the most established holistic therapy Retreat in Australia and our intense programs are led by dedicated, highly trained staff and experienced therapists to ensure your program is giving you maximum benefit throughout your stay and to help you conquer your body image issues and eating problems beyond it.

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