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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

What is PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)?

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is an anxiety disorder that can develop either after exposure to a traumatic event or after many smaller events have built up over time. PTSD is attributed to a variety of causes which typically yields unwanted, unpleasant and unwavering anxiety in you. Events such as shock, medical diagnosis, accidents, loss of a job or a relationship breakdown and bereavement, are just some of the experiences resulting in PTSD. These events can overwhelm your ability to cope normally and can begin acute and ongoing PTSD symptoms and psychological trauma.

PTSD symptoms include re-experiencing the original trauma through flashbacks or nightmares resulting in difficulty falling or staying asleep. Avoidance of circumstances associated with the trauma is common, along with anger and hyper-vigilance are also common PTSD symptoms. These PTSD symptoms can result in significant impairment of social, occupational, or other important areas of daily functioning.

PTSD Therapy at Fountainhead

Our highly qualified Psychotherapists have many years’ experience in giving sufferers of PTSD help and offer a safe and professional environment where you can begin your recovery.

Our holistic therapy modalities will teach you the understanding that thoughts and emotions are attached to the events that are triggering the PTSD and by unravelling these beliefs, you can feel stronger and better for it

Using the two-step technique, Experience Learning – Life Learning in our PTSD therapy, we show you how to capture important information from unwanted life experiences by finding the objective learning that has come from this experience.  The application of this psychotherapy technique helps isolate the belief causing PTSD from the acute traumatic experience in question and brings lasting relief to the feelings that have been weighing you down.

We understand that re-visiting these unwanted and unpleasant events will be uncomfortable and whilst we know you cannot forget the traumatic incidences that occurred, nor can they be changed, we can teach you a new way of looking at past experiences in a different light, which is powerful and life changing, giving you real PTSD help and alleviating PTSD symptoms.

With our skilled therapists and practitioners, we seek to actively reduce the trauma with counseling through a delicate, yet pro-active approach allowing our PTSD help to let you gain greater control of your stress-related mental health issues, well-being and ultimately your happiness.

Our Staff

Within our peaceful and relaxing surroundings, we work with you, day by day, teaching you how to initiate a new way of thinking. This approach is accompanied by nutritious seasonally organic meals cooked by our passionate chefs, and body work facilitated by our professional personal trainers and massage therapists. Our Therapists have been selected as much for their ability to counsel and connect with you empathetically as they are for their experience in working with people like you.


We are the most established holistic therapy Retreat in Australia and our intense programs are led by dedicated, highly trained staff and experienced therapists to ensure your program is giving you maximum benefit throughout your stay and the PTSD help you need.

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