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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What makes a program at the Fountainhead Retreat different?

The Fountainhead Retreat has been operating for 12 years and we have seen over 5,000 clients attend various programs. This experience has given us information, data and feedback which has allowed us to evolve the programs inclusions and structure.  It is this unique combination of individual therapies, group integration work and the retreat setting that makes our approach successful at making permanent changes to people’s lives. The quality and experience of our staff who deliver the program sets our program apart from other programs. We welcome you to visit the Fountainhead retreat before committing to a program for yourself or a loved one. Meet and speak to our staff and see for yourself why we are different to other options you may have tried before or are reviewing.

2. How does The Fountainhead program actually work?

At the heart of the Fountainhead program is a cognitive approach, which means it examines an individual’s thinking patterns.  Our qualified therapists seek to modify or change the individuals incorrect thought processes in relation to historic, current or future events in their lives. In successfully doing so, this will reduce and eradicate stress and their related conditions.

Starting from early childhood an individual will absorb information through witnessing and experiencing the world, however, this information is filtered from limited understandings of the facts. Conclusions are drawn about who we are as a person, member of a family and member of society.

At Fountainhead, we teach that the belief system, which is unique to each person, acts as the direct platform for our thinking, responses, and behaviours.  We refer to this process as the mind-body connection. Not only do we live according to our belief system, it often goes unexamined or unquestioned throughout the rest of our life.

The main conclusion governed by individual’s incorrect belief system is that our life should be unfolding and present in a certain way in order to confirm our self-worth. At the point that the individual concludes that their life path is interfered with or unattainable, then stress begins to develop.

The retreat setting allows our qualified therapists and retreat staff to work on you day in day out with no distractions. This for many is the first time in their life they have had such attention and time to work solely on themselves.  The retreat allows for the cognitive techniques to work their way into the brain for permanent change.  The impact being far greater than non-residential cognitive work.

3. I have tried everything and nothing has worked all these years. Why will this work?

We have been developing and evolving programs for over twelve years at Fountainhead Retreat and in this time we have had over 5,000 clients complete a program. Whilst we do not claim 100% results in dealing with individuals who often have very demanding issues, more than 80% give their Fountainhead program a successful pass rating – meaning the program accomplished the core reason of why the person undertook the Fountainhead Program. Over 85% of all clients who completed their program at Fountainhead, stated that they would recommend the program to friends and family.

4. Do I stay on my prescription medication when I come?

Yes, if your General Practitioner has prescribed you medication, you must consult with them before you make changes to your prescription. We do integrate medical practitioners and naturopaths into our programs if required.

5. It seems expensive and I can find cheaper options.

We are a solely private mental health care option with no government support. Whilst the amount charged for a Fountainhead program may seem high, it is a serious health condition that yourself or a loved one is suffering with. Throughout the duration of the program, there is a team of staff that deliver the program. Whilst you can compare a program’s duration, the location, the physical retreat; you can’t compare the program content. Our qualified staff work in teams selected for your own case, which makes the combination only available at the Fountainhead Retreat. We have been in business for more than twelve years and have had over 5000 clients serviced by our team. Like all things in life, quality of service states that we get what we pay for.

6. How long should I stay?

As an indication, the duration of most of our programs range between one and four weeks, they are specifically designed to deliver outcomes for a range of stress related conditions. For example, if you have chronic depression, long-term anxiety, a dependency or PTSD you will require a longer period than one week, you will need more time to eradicate old habits and replace them with new, more positive, sustainable ones. A one week program would only provide a foundation for our unique process and won’t allow enough time to unravel the root cause of a chronic or long-term condition. There are no rapid solutions.

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