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The Power Of Our Thoughts

The power of our thoughts

Our Developing Mind
Even before birth, while still inside the womb, our brain has started to develop. One of the most important parts of the development process that continues throughout our lifetime is the evolution of the way we think.
It is also during our first few years of development that we are at our most impressionable. We are constantly observing our immediate environment in order to learn ways to adapt and survive.

Our brain constructs beliefs by continually accumulating pieces of information. With this information, we begin to form a foundation for survival, which includes coping skills and strategies to deal with life and stress. We start to make sense out of all this information by watching and modelling actions and beliefs of those around us.

What we perceive, we believe
Our beliefs first start in direct response to our parent’s or primary caregiver’s experiences and their actions and re-actions. In terms of our mother, this includes what she is exposed to, and how she interprets and copes with those experiences. For example, when she feels stress, we would typically feel stress. When she feels joy, we too would feel joy.
Even at this early stage of growth, we are already creating a framework for how we perceive the world. How we experience the world is filtered through our beliefs, which also act as an arbitrator for sadness or happiness.

Our unique view of the world
Our beliefs are a collection of information, made up of thoughts, experiences, opinions and values gathered and imprinted in our mind over our entire lifetime. Together, this information creates our belief system – a belief system which shapes how we view the world.

So our beliefs are exclusive to each individual, even if we share an experience with a sibling or friend, our conclusions and interpretations differ because of the uniqueness of our belief system.
Our beliefs are precious to us as they create our identity, so to stop, examine and even alter our belief system may be a daunting idea, but if these beliefs are what are the root cause of our stress, then maybe it is time to step outside the comfort zone.

The Fountainhead Method™ teaches key concepts in understanding the root cause of our stress. Through learning these new skills and strategies, alleviation of stress, anxiety, depression and other stress-related illnesses can be achieved.

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