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The Importance of Life Learning

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With every experience we have, throughout our entire lives, we are constantly receiving information that is responsible for shaping our beliefs, which subsequently shapes our behaviour.

The Fountainhead Method™ directs us towards looking at all life experiences as primary opportunities to gain new information. This process alters our belief system by reinforcing or changing what we think we know to be true. These core concepts used in the Fountainhead Method™ are fundamental to understanding our stress and how to reduce it.

Stress occurs when we start to perceive an unwanted experience as an impediment to our growth or success. However, when we start to observe all experiences as learning opportunities instead, we stop viewing these unwanted experiences as personal threats and more as occasions for growth and defining moments for change.

This way of thinking is not exclusive to The Fountainhead Method™. Many great minds have embraced this philosophy and have practised it throughout history.
One of the first recordings of this particular way of thought is attributed to Hippocrates, a Greek philosopher born in 460 BC. Even today, Hippocrates is known as the father of medicine due to a simple yet far-reaching premise impacting the field of health.
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He claimed there is an opportunity to learn from disease, whether mental or physical. Hippocrates hypothesised that the state of disease is alerting us to something that needs to be changed. In line with Hippocrates’ viewpoint, The Fountainhead Method™ teaches us that if we are suffering due to an experience in our lives, then life is pointing out that there are lessons to be learned.
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