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The Dawning of Sobriety

The Dawning of Sobriety

Alcohol can play a major factor in regretful behaviour, drinking too much can lower inhibitions and cause people to do things when intoxicated that they would not do when sober, and this can result in life-changing consequences after the event.

It only takes a split second for your life to change and this has been evident in the news recently with the report of another devastating one-punch victim.

But it’s not only aggressive behaviour that is heightened by drink, and not all alcoholics are violent, but there are many other circumstances in which people wake up with remorse and regret.

Engaging in risky behaviour.

Alcohol affects the cerebellum in the brain, which causes basic movements to become uncoordinated, so even the most well-practised skills like driving a car can be seriously risky. Alcoholics may not realize how impaired they are and believe they are fine to drive, but this can lead to catastrophic results.

Unsafe sex.

Decreased inhibitions also come from being intoxicated, which can result in sleeping with someone who you wouldn’t if sober. Contraception can be way down the list of priorities, so the risks of unplanned pregnancy or contracting a sexually transmitted disease is high.

Social media mistakes.

It may seem harmless to post comments/photos and even videos of the evening’s mishaps, but waking up to the stark reality and embarrassment of alcohol-fuelled conversations and arguments for all to see, cannot be taken back. Social media is a great tool in the right circumstances, but can also be a major cause of regret.

Caught in a vicious cycle.

The dawning of sobriety and the realisation of what has been done while drunk can be used as an excuse for inaction to recover as the individual chooses to focus on punishing themselves rather than taking action to improve their life. The overwhelming urge to drink to avoid facing extreme feelings of guilt and remorse starts the vicious cycle and leads to greater amounts of alcohol needed for the same effect, due to the tolerance level that has built up.

Help for alcohol abuse.

Holistic therapy programs at Fountainhead Retreat incorporate a set of coping mechanisms that can be used to break this cycle of alcohol abuse.

Together with gently reprocessing past events to deal with grief and regret, and being re-educated on the measurement of self-esteem and self-worth, The Fountainhead Retreat’s tailor-made programs are incredibly effective in addiction counselling for alcohol dependence.

For help with alcohol-related problems, please call one of our consultants at Fountainhead Retreat to discuss the possibility of a suitable program for you or a loved one.

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