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New Year, New You – Leave Alcohol Dependency Behind

New Year new You Leave alcohol behind

Hopeful resolutions.

The clock strikes midnight on the 31st December and there it is, a blank canvas to begin the New Year and make it different from the last.

Quitting alcohol is one of the most common New Years’ resolutions, mainly due to the level of consumption over the festive period, so decisions to cut down or give up completely might be easy as the New Year begins.

But what happens when the weeks go on and the old patterns of drinking too much alcohol have returned?

Resolution regrets.

For some people, the lure of alcohol is too tempting and despite the negative consequences that alcohol brings, giving it up is just too difficult.

At Fountainhead Retreat, we understand that alcohol dependency is a coping mechanism, a crutch that is reached for when problems become overwhelming and this can become a massive strain on the family, on personal relationships and the work environment.

No matter how motivated one is to give up drinking, unless the underlying issues are identified and corrected then alcohol will always be turned to in times of despair or trauma.

Time for new information?

Going over and over problems and feelings without taking any action to overcome or solve them can fuel the issue and make the answers seem further away.

During our programs, and by teaching The Fountainhead Method, we examine why the individual’s thoughts, experiences, opinions and values have created their personal belief system and the framework for how they perceive the world.

We then teach new information and help create a different mindset which can set them on the road to recovery.

Time for a change.

The New Year can be a time for a change and getting help to turn away from alcohol can be a big step, but it can have life-changing results.

For help with alcohol-related problems, please call one of our consultants at Fountainhead Retreat to discuss the possibility of a suitable program for you or a loved one.

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