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Helping Your Mental Health with Yoga


Depressive symptoms can result when the mind becomes restless and agitated and for many people who are struggling with stress, anxiety and depression, Yoga can provide a therapeutic way to reduce the symptoms of these stress-related conditions.

Mind–body connection
Studies show that mental and physical health aren’t just closely linked, but essentially equivalent, and as Yoga is based on the practice of mind and body unity, it’s not surprising that many people are turning to this alternative therapy for healing.

Yoga for physical and mental health
Practicing Yoga helps with balance and strength and focusses on calming and clearing the mind. This appears to regulate the stress response system by reducing the heart rate, lowering blood pressure and easing respiration, so in turn it actually decreases physiological arousal.  Because Yoga sessions combine meditation with a physical component, yoga is fast becoming an important tool in combating depression.

Yoga for You
Our Yoga teachers at Fountainhead Retreat take the time to assess and nurture each individual, ensuring that each session is of optimal benefit to them.
Some of the styles we use are Hatha, due to its gentler pace, making it suitable for beginners or people returning to yoga after having a break, and Vinyasa which links breathing with movement, this style starts off slowly to warm the body and heads to a faster pace towards the end of the class.

Yoga is challenging but extremely therapeutic and to introduce Yoga practice into your life will be a great approach to improving your physical and mental health.

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