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Depression doesn’t stop for Christmas

Depression doesn't stop for Xmas

Christmas, the most wonderful time of year. Or is it for everyone?
Christmas conjures up images of family fun-times, children with beaming smiles opening their long-awaited toys, and friends celebrating after a busy year. For the most, Christmas is a joyous occasion and a time to be thankful and reflect on the year with loved ones.
However for some people, Christmas also has a flip side were deep sadness, regret and depression can be experienced. Reports from the emergency services claim high incidences in suicide attempts at this time of year.

So why do some people dread the festive season?

Loss of a loved one
A common cause for depression at Christmas can be due to the loss of a loved one during the year.
The absence of that person can be overwhelming, especially when other people around them are having a good time.

Elderly people may not have family close by or friends to sit and chat with over a festive table, so they can find Christmas a sad time. Young people can also suffer, especially if they are reliant upon friends to spend time together, but find they are not invited for one reason or another.

Family Feuds
Everyone has their own idea about how they want to spend Christmas, some may simply want to relax and have a quiet time at home, but the pressure to spend time with relatives can cause stress and anxiety, and feeling obliged to entertain guests can lead to resentment.

The Price Tag
Christmas brings an extra burden to an already tight budget, financial difficulties and the expectation of buying gifts when there is no available money can lead to stress and anxiety. The effects of this spending then continue into the New Year when the credit card statement arrives, causing regret and depression.

The Festive season can be a difficult time for many people in our society, and every Christmas since Fountainhead Retreat opened, our programs have been filled with people suffering stress-related issues. We know only too well that depression doesn’t stop at Christmas, so neither do we.

For those who are struggling with anxiety and depression, take the opportunity to think, feel and act in a way that breaks free from the past.

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