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Can We Prioritise Our Priorities?

Can we prioritise priorities-

Priorities play a key role in life, more so than we can imagine, but when we talk about the actual word priority what do we mean?
We are referring to our most important belief that is being activated in that moment – making this belief a priority.

Beliefs v/s priorities

Our belief system is constantly being triggered by the daily experiences we encounter and the information we digest. Our brain then pieces these details together to make sense of what is going on around us. When it comes time to make a decision, only one belief is selected from our belief system.
Our priorities are what determine the most important belief in any given moment and it is our priorities which are responsible for directing our lives to a particular desired outcome.

A simple example of this is as follows:

Whilst sitting in a lecture, every move you make causes your seat to squeak, so you want to sit as still as you can as to not be a distraction to the class. However, you are becoming uncomfortable and need to change position.
The process to activate a priority begins even if you are unaware and your priorities are accountable for all your decisions. Your belief system is triggered and your beliefs begin competing to lead you to the desired outcome. You will give priority to the belief you feel strongest about. In this case, you move on your chair, as the priority of comfort outweighed the priority of not being a distraction.

Lecture Hall  for FH Blog priorities

This simple example highlights how priorities are accountable for final decisions. However, this example is also applicable to more complex decisions in life.

Moment to moment, our priorities change.

Remember, all decisions are based on our belief system and our priorities at a particular moment. We emphasise the word moment here as each new piece of information we collect and experience alters our belief system and consequently our priorities.

What is your priority right now?

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