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Broken Resolutions, Post-holiday Depression and the Return to Alcohol

Broken resolutions

While some people look forward to what the New Year brings, others dread this time and can look back on the past year with regret and sadness.

Returning back to the workplace and to the same old routine after all the excitement of the holiday season can bring on depression, especially if the festivities hadn’t lived up to all the hype. The feeling of carrying problems over to the New Year can lead to anxiety, and this is when coping mechanisms such as alcohol can play a part in trying to drown the sorrows and mask the symptoms.

So why do people find the New Year so difficult?

Lack of accomplishments – not getting the promotion that was on the cards, not earning as much money or not changing jobs.

Guilt about overindulgence – the sluggish feeling of over eating and over drinking, and the burden of carrying the extra kilos.

Christmas overspending – the pressure to buy gifts for family and friends which have resulted in credit card debt.

Nothing to look forward to – A New Year ahead but no light at the end of the tunnel, the problems from last year seem more daunting than ever, bringing on feelings of hopelessness.

If you are suffering from post-holiday depression or anxiety and finding it difficult to stick to your alcohol-free resolution, take this time to get new information to understand and uncover the root cause of why you are struggling. This could well be the year you learnt new strategies and turned your life around, so don’t put off getting help.

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