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A Very ‘Merry’ Christmas!

A very 'merry' Christmas alcohol help

Alcohol at Christmas – Harmless Fun, or the start of something more sinister?

Mulled wine, eggnog and sherry brandy are all festive treats that can be enjoyed during the silly season, but when does alcohol turn from harmless fun to something more sinister?

One too many
Opportunities to hold up a glass over the holiday period seem to be all around us, and a festive office tipple may be one thing, but turning to alcohol after a stressful day could well be the sign of alcohol addiction.
Drinking to ‘drown your sorrows’ and to help the body relax and relieve anxiety may feel like it’s working a treat, as alcohol does cause drowsiness – but it’s also a depressant, slowing down the brain and the central nervous system processors and actually making the depression worse.

Cause and effect
Regular drinking can not only lead to depression and anxiety, in the long-term heavy drinking can lead to a multitude of health problems, including liver disease, weight gain, osteoporosis and heart disease, amongst others.

What lies beneath
Examining the root cause behind why alcohol is reached for when life gets us down is a key factor in overcoming the behaviour. After all, the alcohol is just a Band-Aid for what lies beneath. New information and a different perspective on past experiences can be invaluable if life is spiralling out of control.

But if a glass of Christmas cheer is something enjoyed responsibly to celebrate the spirit of Christmas and to welcome in the New Year, then let’s raise a glass to 2015 and fully embrace 2016!
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