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A Positive Attitude Matters and Benefits Your Sobriety

A Positive Attitude Matters and Benefits Your Sobriety.

Maintaining Sobriety

Millions of people quit alcohol every year, but many of these also fall off the wagon, so learning some strategies and tools for long-term sobriety is crucial. One area that can benefit you greatly on the recovery of alcohol addiction is taking responsibility for your attitude.
The benefits of positive thinking are more important to recovery than you can imagine, so let’s look at why this is, and how making a few changes can help you on the road to a life of sobriety.

Spreading the feeling

A positive attitude is contagious, and the more positivity you can bring into areas of your life, the more it tends to spread to other areas and also affects others around you. But if you’re feeling down and blue, it doesn’t mean you have to put on an act or ignore your feelings, however, sitting in this emotion without finding solutions won’t help either.

Morning motivation

Learning how to wake up with a positive outlook can be a great stepping stone to the day ahead. We all have chores and commitments that are boring and mundane, but looking past these and focusing on the more pleasurable activities will help guide your day and uplift your mood. Take a few moments before you leave your bed, to think of a couple of good things that you have planned for the day. Even this slight change to your morning routine can have a knock-on effect throughout the day as a little motivation can be a milestone during your sobriety.

Keeping the feeling alive

Trying to keep good thoughts and the positive attitude throughout the day may be difficult as triggers are thrown at you, so learning some tips and techniques from trained councillors can be a turning point for you to avoid relapse.

Using these tools can be very beneficial for changing your attitude and the more practice you put into the techniques, the sooner you will begin to see yourself and your daily challenges in a different light and let a healthier you, shine through.

Seeking help for past events

Painful memories of past events can lay dormant in the minds of many people in recovery, and it is easily understood why you would want these thoughts to stay hidden at the back of your mind, especially if you have stayed sober for weeks or months, but inevitably these memories will replay at some point and when they do, you could be heading for a downfall.
Recognising that these painful and traumatic memories need to be acknowledged and tackled can mean the difference between a life of half-hearted recovery, or a healthy outlook towards your future and sober living.

Is it really time for a change?

So if having a different attitude and gaining some new tools to use when the tough times come is as simple as that, can’t everyone recovery from alcohol addiction?
The answer to that question is really down to the individual, you first need to decide for yourself if you really want to change. If alcohol was given up because family and friends suggested it was time, or if rehab was prescribed for health reasons, then maybe the choice behind giving up alcohol wasn’t entirely yours?

Learn How to Stay Sober

If the answer is an undeniable yes, and you are ready for change, then unless you seek help from others, you may get caught up in a never-ending loop of drinking and sobriety. If what you have tried hasn’t worked, then you need more information on what will work for you. This is by no means a sign of weakness, we can only act with the knowledge we have, so maybe it’s time to get some new information and start implementing methods that you have never tried before.

Start as soon as you’re ready

As author Karen Lamb once said, “A year from now, you’ll wish you had started today”.

“A year from now, you’ll wish you had started today”

Give yourself some time to find the right way that works for you, stick to it but don’t beat yourself up if you stumble along the way. As in all areas of recovery, changes won’t occur overnight. Start small, change your attitude and hold out your hand for help and gradually you will begin to view the world through a different lens.

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