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6 Things Sobriety Is Not

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Sobriety. For some people, even uttering that word conjures up all sorts of negative thoughts. The thought of no more parties, no more escape from a stressful day, no more nightcaps to get to sleep and most of all, no more fun. But being sober does not have to be the end of the world.

Understandably, getting sober can be a scary time, after all, alcohol has been there throughout all the tough times, so leaving behind this crutch can be a tough act. However, the rewards for choosing a path of sobriety can be life changing, so let’s have a look at what sobriety is NOT.

1. Sobriety is not boring

For most people, this is the main reason for not getting sober. Often, they are convinced that a life of no drugs or alcohol is hardly worth living and people who abstain are just boring and lead boring lives. For people who have had years of partying and associated the good times with drinking or using drugs, the thought of continuing without the key ingredient is just too hard to imagine. Surprisingly, when people are faced with a real determination to lead sober lives, they begin to feel better physically and see much clearer. They also are surprised to find new friends, activities, and an entirely new life outside of the addiction. It can be freeing and exciting, anything but boring.

2. Sobriety is not going to be easy

It’s a shame that there is no magic wand to wave to live a sober life, but the reality is that it’s not going to be easy for them to be sober. The addiction that used to numb their emotions in order to get through the day has been taken away, and now they are faced with having to feel the pain. Without new information or being able to deal with this pain in a different way, they could easily find themselves reaching back for the bottle, so learning new techniques and new strategies for getting through these hard days is vital. They need a new way to be themselves. Sobriety is a new journey that takes work, dedication and above all, a desire for change. But once they start on this path, it’s worth every moment that’s put into it.

3. Sobriety is not just for alcoholics

The term sobriety doesn’t always have to be saved for alcoholics, anyone can join in. Many people are very hesitant to be labelled an alcoholic and rightly so. No one knows how long they will be leaving alcohol behind, so whether they drink 10 drinks a day or 10 drinks a week, they just have to start from the very beginning and take the attitude that sobriety is more of a lifestyle choice that everyone can benefit from and then learn to shake off the labels.

4. Sobriety is not a dirty secret 

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“A problem shared is a problem halved,” how many times have you heard this phrase? For many people who have had addictions, their whole way of life was racked with lies, both to those around them and to themselves. Of course, when learning how to be sober, the instinct to keep the problems to themselves can still be in the forefront and whether they think so or not, can be detrimental to sobriety, but being honest about this new life, with themselves and the people around them, will be an essential part of moving forward.

5. Sobriety is not a sign of weakness

Often, people start off their sobriety with a certain image of themselves, an image that they are weak and inadequate. In reality, taking the first step to change their lives is one of the bravest things someone can do and shows great courage to admit that there is a problem. It’s certainly not weak to ask for help, it is possibly the strongest thing one can do. A strong step towards a positive change.

6. Sobriety is not something to be ashamed of

Sobriety can often carry assumptions along with it, after all, it’s not always be the norm to be sober. There can be a stigma attached to addiction, that an addict is a bad person, that they should be ashamed. This kind of thinking can keep them from moving forward and stepping away from drugs and alcohol. Most people will carry some sort of regret from their drinking days, but they should feel proud that the changes are benefitting their life in a healthy positive way, there is no reason to be ashamed of being sober.

Reaching out

Starting a sober life may not be easy, but having a strong support network of family and friends can make it easier, but if talking to someone away from the immediate circle would be easier, help is available. A safe, non-judgmental place where learning new coping mechanisms about how to deal with the strains and stresses of everyday life is at the end of the phone.

Take time to decide whether you are ready to make the first step, or to try something different if you have tried to quit before. Our consultants can chat with you about the options of a holistic approach to a sober journey, give them a call to see how you can make your own transformation.

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