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6 Quotes From Great Minds Over Time

6 Generations of Great Minds over time

Every experience we ever have adds to the conclusions we draw about life. Every thought we ever have is filtered through our belief system so everything we ever do is driven by our beliefs and it is these beliefs which can empower us or cage us in, they are that powerful.
But this is not new information, generations of people before us have written about their understanding of the key concepts of looking into our thinking in order to change our lives.

Here are 6 quotes from the great minds over time:

Quote 1 FH Blog

Norman Vincent Peale


Tony Robbins


C G Jung

Very inspirational.
However, an observation we must cover is the popular misconception that we can solve our problems by finding the answers within ourselves; that we already know the answers to defuse our stress, anxiety and depression, by looking ‘within’.

The Fountainhead Method ™ teaches that this is incorrect, and in fact it often exacerbates stress. It implies that for one reason or another we were incapable of finding or applying the answers ourselves.
When it comes to how we interpret our lives, whether we are stressed or not, we only ever confirm or change what we know by gathering new information from life experiences and events.

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