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5 Tips For Reducing Stress

Finding positive, healthy ways to manage stress can be a good way to reduce negative health consequences such as anxiety and depression. Here are 5 top tips which anyone can do, to help you feel better and less stressed in daily life.

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Making time to be mindful – Take 15-20 minutes every day to sit and be in the present moment. Through mindfulness training, we can develop a greater understanding of the nature of reality. When we sit with a focused awareness, various concepts are explored and experienced simply through observation. For more information on mindfulness, see our article here.

Pump it up – Find some type of physical activity which you enjoy and try to incorporate it into your daily routine. The key benefit of exercise is to increase the body’s oxygen supply which helps everything function at its best, including your mental state, as the release of happy hormones flow through your body.
Nurture yourself in nature. – As with mindfulness, taking time out of your day to be present can be a great way to reduce stress. A mindfulness walk in nature can heighten awareness of the present, turn down the volume of your thoughts and give way to simply witnessing the spontaneous experiences that arise in a natural setting.

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Say Yes to Yoga – regular practice of yoga can not only help the body with balance and strength but can focus on clearing and calming the mind. This appears to regulate the stress response system by reducing the heart rate, lowering blood pressure and easing respiration. To read more about Yoga, see our article here.

Point out the positive – Gratitude and appreciation can help build contentment by reflecting and appreciating our self and our life. When we take a break from the thoughts and appreciate who we are and what we have, stress reduces. Think of people, things and experiences you are grateful for and allow yourself to feel the emotion of gratitude in your body. Remember that everything has value and nothing is too small to appreciate.

Our holistic programs at The Fountainhead Retreat incorporate these and many other activities during the residential stay.
These daily activities are combined with the teaching of The Fountainhead Method, a unique system for overcoming stress, to ensure that each client can be helped to overcome mental disorders such as anxiety, depression and other stress-related conditions.

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