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5 Foods to Ditch For Feeling Stress-free

5 foods to ditch for feeling stress-free

Unhealthy eating habits aren’t always obvious at first glance, and often we can get into a habit of the same weekly meal plans, take away and convenience foods. At Fountainhead Retreat, many years of research has gone into our meals, so they are specifically prepared to optimise your body and mental health. If you feel like stress, depression and anxiety are clouding over your life, perhaps it’s time to ditch a few of the foods that could be agitating your condition?

Caffeine Confinement

Coffee, tea and other caffeine-rich products are known to exhaust the adrenal glands, which has a knock-on effect on the endocrine system. When our endocrine system is strained like this, we find dealing with stress much more difficult, so cutting down on caffeine is a good start to improving your emotional well-being.

Soy Stopper

A topic of debate is that endocrine hormones can be disrupted by soy, and this can have an effect on the absorption of iron, zinc and iodine in the thyroid gland. These 3 nutrients are important for a healthy immune system, so if you have been consuming a soy-rich diet, perhaps it’s time to let your body take some time out for a while.

Wheat-Free Freedom

Bread and pasta contain refined flour and wheat, this wheat contains gluten which is known to affect the absorption of nutrients needed by the body. In some studies, people who are gluten-intolerant are prone to having low levels of serotonin, which is needed by the body to reduce anxiety and depression.

Sugar-Free, Stress-Free

Refined sugar, like caffeine, exhausts the endocrine system and results in stress being more difficult to handle. It is also quickly absorbed into the bloodstream causing an initial surge of energy or sugar-high. When this wears off the body increases its insulin production to remove the sugar from the bloodstream, leaving you feeling lethargic and low.

Finding the right Fat

Unhealthy trans-fats like margarine, canola oil and refined oils can also cause havoc with your endocrine system making your thyroid particularly vulnerable. These low levels of thyroid can cause you to feel down, tired and depressed. Switch to coconut or avocado oil for a healthier option.

Our Chefs at Fountainhead Retreat are experts in conjuring up creative and delicious dishes that are free from all the foods above, our clients get time to re-set their body balance and get to work on improving their mental health.

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