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“I was very fortunate to have had the time I spent at Fountainhead. If it wasn’t for that experience I would not be here today.
I have really appreciated knowing that I have had such wonderful support and never negative only positive. I really feel it is my time to take over my own destiny, moving forward and getting on with life.
Thank you to all of your staff and especially to Craig. I do know if I should ever need help, I have somewhere to go and people to help me, the fact is I hope I don’t ever need you all again.
All my love and best wishes to you all, and thank you for all the people you will help in front of me.”
Katie D, July 2015

“I arrived at Fountainhead not knowing what to expect and slightly dubious as to the approach. But what I quickly found was the perfect place for me to regain my mental and physical health. It is simply a wonderful place run by gifted caring people who clearly live their life by the concepts that they discuss with you. Fountainhead has changed my complete outlook and I have regained the optimism and vibrancy about life that I had let drift way.   Fountainhead provides you the tools and unbelievable support but you must be willing to make the change and embrace the concepts which are logical and in the end common sense. If you do this you will find this idyllic place in its idyllic setting will make wonderful positive changes to your life.”
David H – August 2015

“The Fountainhead team – thank you all so very, very much for all the catch ups, the chats and the g’days. It made my experience so wonderful and warm. You are all inspirations to me in all different ways.
Now it’s time to say goodbye, or “see you soon”, with tears in my eyes – to start my journey with my toolbag filled to the brim, to have forever, to share with the world.
Just a huge THANK YOU. You will all never be forgotten. A place in my heart will always be filled by you. No more why’s, just do’s…to live my life to the best that I know how.
“It’s my worth and you can’t have it” is my new saying now. What a wonderful gift to have and hold forever.”
Nicky, May 2015

“I came here because I had many personal issues I held within and did not want to recognise it. On arrival, the staff were friendly, co-operative and helpful, nothing was too much for them. At the beginning I was shy, introverted, skeptical and nervous, until all the staff gradually picked me up to allow me to start enjoying my journey.

The Coaches, gym staff and kitchen were all wonderful and the multi-skilled roster helping in all departments is quite unique, as I have never seen it before in my 45 years of working in the hospitality industry.

I have enjoyed my stay at Fountainhead and gathered valuable information in preparation for my personal development and well-being.
Eric, May 2015

Three months later

I would also like to add that I have had a clean bill of health from my doctors on my liver, kidneys and general well-being at Fountainhead. I was given a course of great direction that has helped me so much.
Eric, August 2015.

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