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Re-booting Your Health at Fountainhead Retreat

Finding the time and motivation to kick-start a detox regime may be something we all struggle with, and although we know the benefits it will make to our health, most of us still reach for the ease and convenience of processed supermarket food.
Foods like sugar, salt, caffeine and alcohol are all mood enhancers, giving us highs and lows, so being able to take a break from these without the hassle of planning your weekly meals would be some people’s idea of bliss.

Kick-starting a journey to healthy habits
Right from day one, our chefs at Fountainhead Retreat, begin a journey to healthy, fresh, real food. They bring the focus back to the natural elements and incorporate a range of different ingredients, herbs and spices to nourish the body and regain those vital nutrients.

We are proud of our organic surroundings and passionately believe in the benefits of eating organic food, growing as much as we can on-site. But eating organic produce isn’t the end of it, here are some of our other practices at Fountainhead Retreat.

Dairy Free
Milk and other dairy products contain a sugar or carbohydrate called lactose. Normally, the body breaks down lactose into its simpler components with the help of the enzyme lactase. Most mammals stop producing lactase when they are weaned, however, humans continue to produce it throughout life.
Whilst we realise that not everyone is lactose intolerant, we believe in giving the digestive system a chance to recover from the stresses of the ‘modern diet’ and offers a chance to see if this was something causing discomfort in the past – and perhaps to re-evaluate the quantity of dairy consumed.

Juice Detox
Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we offer a three-day Juice Detox and during this time only fresh fruits and vegetables juices are consumed, with herbal teas and water available as desired. The fast is then broken with a delicious breakfast on a Thursday morning.
Although optional, it is highly recommended for anyone who wants to gain ongoing health benefits and is safe to do each week of the retreat program.

Embracing a healthier journey ahead
Our cooking classes offer hands-on experience with our chefs, allowing time to question, learn and discover a new way to look at food and begin the healthy relationship that seemed so far away at the beginning of the program.

Taking home the information, tips and recipes to re-create mouth-watering healthy meals mean the beginning of a healthier lifestyle, healthier habits and a healthier you.

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